Word Press Review

Hello! Today I’ll be doing a site review on my fellow classmate’s wordpress site. His site is The Black Doctor. The theme is called ‘Greyzed’ and it was created by The Forge Web Creations. The menu up top works just fine and the sidebar works properly and is really organized.

Here’s a screenshot of the site

The site centers mostly around chicken, fried chicken to be specific. The name “The Black Doctor” comes from this website, which is also called “Black Doctor”.

You can see the original site here: http://www.blackdoctor.org

Personal opinion? I don’t think this guy’s a certified doctor… But you never know. I mean hey,  it’s 2012.


I recommend this blog if you’re a lover of all things between fried chicken and the medical profession. And that’s pretty much it. No really, the blog is just full of Fried Chicken. Seriously. Check the playlist. It’s all over the place.

Fried Chicken


Things I learned in class this week and stuff.

English: I learned from the Do Now that Avocado is indeed a fruit. The avocado is a climacteric fruit.









Web Development: I learned that I’m bad a filling out an ‘About Me’ section. How does one describe themselves?

Chemistry: Homogenous isn’t pronounced the way I thought it was…

US History: America wasn’t supposed to win the Revolution. But they did anyway.

Phys Ed: Team Handball is apparently a sport. I never heard of it until recently.